We at TROD Lightly offer men’s clothing and accessories that have been handmade to perfection.

The fabric is printed by our experts using dye sublimation and then stitched together to create a wide range of products such as ultra premium t-shirts, swim shorts, leggings/athletic tights, rashguards and backpacks and much more.

Dye sublimation ensures that the design on each item is vibrant and that the color does not fade and no peeling occurs. This gives our products great resistance against wash in the laundry and against sun damage.

Creating each piece individually when an order is made gives us to two strengths that traditional stores do not have.

  • We offer a HUGE amount of designs not found in retail stores
  • We save storage space and resources and are proud to be 100% Green

All items made from scratch have a production time. On the product page of items you can see the production time for the item. This is important to note because it tells you how long you have to wait before the item can ship.

We do have a few products such as men’s underwear that ship directly from the manufacturer and are not made by our team.

Production times and pages and pages of options (especially for men) is far from the norm but we encourage you to experience our products.

Our Story

It started as a hobby at first; searching for and experimenting with exciting designs that would translate well on men’s clothing.

Soon we were working on various products and trying to find ways that we could share them with others. Even buying some of them for ourselves!

A few years later and here we are, still enjoying this with no plans to stop.

To this day we continue to offer men’s clothing and accessories made from custom printed fabrics, cut to precision and sewn by hand.

 Thank you for visiting, we hope you see a few things you like.